There are many misconceptions regarding premature ejaculation, which is one of the most common sex problems that men have. However, many men do not openly discuss this problem because they are embarrassed or ashamed. At Forever Young, our caring health professionals can meet with you and discuss this concern. We can also clear up some of the many myths surrounding premature ejaculation and explain the realities, such as:

Myth #1: Men Cannot Control Premature Ejaculation
Reality: The most devastating misconception about premature ejaculation is that it cannot be controlled. However, there are very effective methods and treatments that can help control premature ejaculation. Men do not have to suffer from this problem.

Myth #2: Men with Premature Ejaculation Have High Anxiety
Reality: Men who experience premature ejaculation have anxiety levels that are similar to those of men who do not experience premature ejaculation. Some men who experience premature ejaculation do not have any anxiety while anxiety may be a trigger for premature ejaculation in others.

Myth #3:Premature Ejaculation Is Purely a Psychological Problem
Reality:While there may be a psychological component to premature ejaculation in some men, most instances of premature ejaculation are caused by a physiological trigger, such as an oversensitive head of the penis. Therefore, treatment options will consider both physical and mental stimuli.

Myth #4: You Will Experience Premature Ejaculation with All Partners
Reality: Some people think that if they experience premature ejaculation with one partner that they will experience it with all partners. However, this medical condition is usually dependent on the situation. Few men experience this issue with all sexual partners. Many men may experience premature ejaculation with a new partner but not with a long-term partner.

Myth #5: Illicit Drugs or Over-the-Counter Drugs Can Cure Premature Ejaculation
Reality: In addition to the possibility of forming a dangerous addiction and other serious side effects, illicit drugs can also cause premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual performance problems. Additionally, anesthetic sprays or creams that are available over-the-counter are rarely effective. Some patients respond positively to anti-depressants under proper medical care and monitoring while many others respond well to other effective treatment methods.

Myth #6: Premature Ejaculation Will Not Lead to Erectile Dysfunction Problems
Reality: Premature ejaculation tends to be a prolonged problem for many people, often starting in the teen years and continuing past middle age. Additionally, many men who experience premature ejaculation may go on to experience erectile dysfunction. In fact, premature ejaculation is the first sign of erectile dysfunction for many people.

Myth #7: Premature Ejaculation Is Only a Young Person’s Problem
Reality: Premature ejaculation can develop at any age. While some young men experience premature ejaculation and may stop experiencing it once they become more seasoned sexual partners, premature ejaculation remains constant for many men through their teen years to about age 50 when it spikes before later declining.

Get Help for Your Premature Ejaculation
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