Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy restores the hormones we lose during the natural aging process. This treatment can provide an impressive assortment of benefits, including:

Balances Your Own Hormones
What sets bioidentical hormone replacement therapy apart from other therapies is the quality of the hormones that you receive. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses natural replacement hormones that often come from plant sources like soy or yam while synthetic hormones often come from mares’ urine or other unsavory locations. Synthetic hormones are also mass-produced and marketed to the general public. In stark contrast, bioidentical hormone replacements are synthesized and chemically engineered to be identical to the natural hormones found in the human body.

Manages Symptoms of Menopause
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is often prescribed to treat symptoms of menopause, such as:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of libido

Improves Sex Life
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can also improve your sex life. A decline in estrogen is often associated with a reduction in vaginal moisture, so this therapy can help with lubrication so sex is not painful. Estrogen also rejuvenates the vulvar and urogenital area, improving its feel and look. Additionally, estrogen can help boost your libido so that a waning sex drive is no longer a problem.

Improves Mood
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can also improve your overall mood. It can also assist with concentration and memory. Many people who receive this therapy also report getting better sleep, which further provides a wealth of health benefits, including improved energy levels and a reduced risk of depression.

Improves Bone Density and Strength
A natural symptom of the aging process is the deterioration of bone. When a person is going through the process of menopause, their body breaks down old bone more than new bone cells. When you replenish estrogen levels in your body, you increase your bone density and reduce the risk of serious bone disorders, such as osteoporosis. Additionally, you can better maintain your muscle mass and strength.

Contact Us to Learn More
The benefits discussed above are just a few of the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This therapy has also been associated with producing benefits to your skin and hair. When you receive increased rates of estrogen, your body produces natural collagen and elastin proteins. Your skin may have a healthier glow and you may be able to produce new hair follicles with this therapy. Our wellness specialists can discuss bioidentical hormone replacement therapy options with you, its possible benefits, and any risks. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is custom-tailored to your particular situation and can be targeted to bring about the positive benefits you are seeking. For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation with our wellness experts, contact Forever Young LLC at (678) 399-3851.

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