Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and brought it down to its knees. Since it’s a virus, there is no complete “cure” or “medicine” for COVID-19. Instead, your immune system has to fight the virus to eliminate it from your body!

So, in these hard and testing times, what can we do apart from taking precautions to make sure that our body is prepared to fight the virus if need be?

Well, you can start by boosting your immune system! The immune system of the body essentially relies on nutrients and minerals for its strength. Therefore, a great way of boosting your immune system is to infuse an IV fluid in your body that contains the essential minerals and electrolytes your body needs!

These IV infusions are also called “IV cocktails” in a more friendly language.

IV cocktail barYour immune system is usually pretty strong on its own, but environmental factors and aging can cause it to weaken. Moreover, if you have pre-existing conditions like diabetes mellitus, your immune system can become weaker. The IV fluids give your immune system a boost.

The fluids are produced by expert doctors and professionals who have adequate knowledge about the human body and are administered by professionals. Don’t let the name “IV cocktail bar” confuse you because there’s no alcohol or any bad substance in the fluids. Every electrolyte and mineral is carefully calculated to provide you the best IV solution that’s isotonic with your body fluids.

Although there are many vitamin and mineral supplements out there that give your immune system a boost, they don’t have as quick an effect as an IV infusion does. This is because the supplements are first digested, broken down in your stomach/intestines and then absorbed into your bloodstream. A lot of the vitamins and minerals go through your digestive tract unabsorbed. In the case of IV fluids, the vitamins and minerals gain instant access to your bloodstream, giving you a quicker immune boost.

Boosting your immune system is very important in this global pandemic. This is because the only known way of battling coronavirus is to have a strong immune system! Studies show that the virus has a higher mortality rate in those that are immunocompromised due to underlying conditions. By boosting your immune system, you greatly increase your chances of combatting the virus!

Here are a few other benefits of getting an IV fluid infusion that boosts your immune system:

  • It has an anti-aging effect. The IV infusion contains many anti-oxidants that help combat free radicals in your body. Free radicals are naturally produced in your body and play a significant role in aging. They damage your cells and induce cellular changes that are harmful for your body. Anti-oxidants present in IV infusions help combat these free radicals. This will improve your skin, hair, nails, organ health and also your immune system!
  • It’s great for those with underlying vitamin or mineral deficiencies. The vitamins and minerals in the IV fluid will help replace any vitamins/minerals that are missing from your diet!
  • You’ll feel more active after getting an IV infusion. The IV infusion contains vitamins and minerals that are needed by your brain and your body to function. You’ll become more alert and active once you get the vitamin and mineral boost through an IV infusion!
  • It detoxifies your body and helps eliminate waste products! It cleanses your body and helps remove toxins that are harmful to your body.

Try an IV infusion for boosting your immune system and see how it improves your overall health!