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Forever Young, LLC uses an Integrative Healthcare Model; this means we treat the whole person focusing on Physical, Nutritional and Spiritual Well being. We focus on individualized care plans and encourage patient participation in their health care decisions.

We are a center that offers a wide range of care for our concerned patients. We offer an extremely clean environment and provide the friendliest atmosphere to our patients. Our goal is to ensure that they receive the proper attention with the proper solutions to their concerns, in minimal time so that they are able to get rid of their problems.

We have been in this line of work for quite some time now, and being in it for this long, we can safely say that we have excelled at the work we do and the quality of service we provide to our invaluable clients. The work that we do requires maximum quality, so we do not compromise and we settle for nothing below perfection. Furthermore, the prices that we charge for our services are very reasonable, keeping in mind the excellent quality of service that we promise to provide to our trusting patients.

Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Anesthesiology and Pain Management

Naureen M. Adam, MD

Dr. Adam is Double Board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.

Dr. Naureen Adam has lived in Atlanta for the last 30 years and grew up in Gwinnett County.

Dr. Adam knew from a very early age her passion was the human body and the complexities of the how each organ system came together to perform such miraculous functions. She naturally majored in Biology and completed her college education and Emory University. She completed her medical education and Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. Dr. Adam returned to Emory University to complete her residency in Anesthesiology and then stayed on staff as Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Emory Midtown/Crawford Long Hospital. She then transitioned to Paces Plastic Surgery and was staff anesthesiologist there until June of 2011. Her love of learning continued, and she pursued a pain fellowship at Emory University.

She realized during her daily practice that part of being a pain physician was not only fixing/curing pain conditions, but she knew that she needed to delve deeper into prevention. Her passion for Aesthetics and Wellness grew and she further educated herself in ways to make people lives better daily from optimizing hormones and subtle enhancements on the outside to improve one’s body and mind. She believes in tailoring treatment in an individualized fashion and healthy aging. She is passionate about treating the body as a whole, not the individual systems.

When she is not improving the lives of her patients, she enjoys being a mom of two beautiful girls, traveling, exercising, reading, and has recently taken up ballroom dancing. Dr. Naureen Adam speaks English and is conversational in Urdu and Hindi.

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