In this material world, our personalities are gauged predominantly by the way we look, and we also tend to attach a lot of importance on our outlook because it improves our perception about ourselves. If you look good for your age, you will automatically feel confident and empowered, and it will have a monumental impact on your mental health.

Sagging skin is one of the many aging factors, but it can be arguably counted as the most disturbing one. In the past, people often had to go under the knife to get an uplift which was indeed unnatural and dangerous, but beautification techniques have traversed light-years over the past decade. PDO (Polydioxanone) thread lift procedure is one of those revolutionary techniques in which threads are inserted into the deep layers of the skin which immediately lifts the sagging areas around the cheeks and neck. We have discussed here four vital benefits of a PDO thread lift procedure which will enlighten you about the value of this wonderful procedure. 

    1. Safe and gradual absorption:

One of the most common deterrence associated with various artificial beautification procedures is the risks associated with them in terms of allergic reactions to synthetic compounds. But, that is not the case with polydioxanone because it has been in use for the last three decades as an incredibly reliable material for closing wounds. It is absorbed gradually and safely by the body for nine to twelve months and does not cause any allergic reactions. 

    1. Stimulate the production of rejuvenating compounds:

Polydioxanone threads do not only contribute to facial rejuvenation directly, but they also have many indirect benefits. Various studies have concluded that PDO threads promote the production of rejuvenating collagen that considerably improves the appearance of folds and wrinkles on the skin. Moreover, they also stimulate the release of elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are the compounds often found in various cosmetic products because of their efficacy in improving the quality of the skin and giving it a youthful look.

    1. Immediate results:

During the PDO thread lift procedure, you will not have to experience bouts of swelling and allergic reactions often suffered by those who decide to go under the knife for face rejuvenation. Most of the beautification techniques take time to show results, but you will experience an immediate change in the health and quality of your skin right after the PDO thread lift procedure. 

The full-blown impact of this procedure will unfold in a few months because PDO threads take some time to dissolve and even the resulting collagen takes a couple of months to kick in. However, you can expect a youthful skin for at least two years and it can go beyond this time limit depending upon the skin tightening capability of the collagen.

  1. Show versatility:

PDO threads are versatile enough to lift the various sagging areas of the body and have the utmost capability of fulfilling all the ‘tightening’  needs of various patients. For example, there are thin mono threads that are targeted to tighten the sagging skin around the chin and cheeks. Moreover, there are also bi-directional cog threads that are targeted to address the sagging concerns around the jowls and neck. Therefore, be assured that every sagging area on and around your face will be addressed by the PDO thread lift procedure.